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Dussehra Event In Honer Vivantis By Honer Homes

Honer Homes Navaratri – Dussehra and Bathukamma Celebrations At Honer Vivantis-2020

Residents of Honer Vivantis had a gala time of 3 days on the occasion of Navratri and Dussehra. It all started on 23rd Oct 2020 (Friday) and culminated to a grand finale on 25th Oct 2020 (Sunday). Various events were organised in the Community at Club Vivantis. The events were planned to engage all age groups of kids and parents – a drawing competition, Dandiya and Fashion show were organised for kids. Parents too had participated in Dandiya and fashion shows. Bathukamma, the traditional festival of flowers in Telangana was also celebrated along with Durga Pooja. Kids enacted the roles of Ramleela and performed Raavan Dahaan. A DJ was on the floor for all the 3 evenings to vibe up the festive mood with non-stop music. In all, the residents had an unforgettable 3 days of celebrations of which the memories will be with everyone for a lifetime – as this happens to be the first Dussehra celebrations at the Honer Vivantis Community with many more to come

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